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From Storm Prep To Ready To Sail, August 2019

We are ready to Sail. When hurricane Dorian was headed are way Moonraker was immediately moved out of the slip and secured to a mooring ball in the Vero Beach City Marina mooring field. As simple as this may seem it takes about 15 hours to move the boat, take all the windows down, secure loose gear & lines, wrap the sails and finally secure 5 lines to 5 different D rings and cleats on the boat at the proper lengths. When we get in the dinghy and head to the boat ramp to take the dinghy out of the water it's a perplexing feeling to say the least because it is now a wait and see situation and my business outcome is not in my hands any more. To put it another way: it is blowing in the wind and nobody knows how fast or what direction the wind will take. When hurricane Dorian went north and we returned to Moonraker all was well and we started the reverse process of putting things back together, unwrapping the sails, removing 5 bow lines from the mooring ball and putting Moonraker back in the slip. After about 30 hours of work from pre hurricane till after the hurricane had passed I am happy to say we are safe, Moonraker is safe and we are back and ready to sail. All part of: Making Memories!

Cheers Captain Bruce

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