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A Child Friendly Catamaran

Moonraker’s 21 foot beam and fully netted safety lines provide a stable safe environment for children as well as adults that require a more stable platform on the water. Cruising catamarans have the advantage of no heeling or rolling, which adds an additional level of comfort and safety. You and your children are welcome to take Moonraker’s helm and enjoy a true cruising experience.




Captain Bruce’s son,  Alec, was  brought  aboard  Moonraker  when  he was  just 3 days old.  Alec lived aboard  Moonraker for 10 years and has traveled over 17,000 miles throughout the Abaco and Exuma Islands in the Bahamas and up the Atlantic coast from the Florida Keys to Oriental, North Carolina.


Through a Child’s Eyes

A very interesting thing happened in April & May of 2009. In April I took my son Alec for an overnight trip during his kindergarten spring break to a place called “Hole In The Wall” (my favorite anchorage for charter trips). Alec had been to Hole In The Wall for many day trips but this particular trip he had asked to drive the boat the entire way which usually takes about an hour. To my surprise Alec drove the entire way without asking for a break. Once at Hole In The Wall, Alec asked if he could drop the anchor by himself. I gave Alec the electrical remote, for the windlass, and he dropped the anchor along with 60 ft. of chain. It was a typical day at Hole In The Wall. We went swimming in the water behind Moonraker, riding in the dinghy, built sand castles and collected shells at the little island beach area. After dinner aboard Moonraker, we watched an exceptionally beautiful sunset.


The next morning the wind started to pick up and I told Alec we should start heading  back to the Marina. Once back at the marina, we tied the boat up and washed the decks as usual. To me, this was another good trip, making memories with my son.


To my surprise in May of 2009, I received a book that my son had written & illustrated in his kindergarden class, called “A Hole In The Wall” which was dedicated to me.


The story and illustrations in this book represent an overnight trip on Moonraker, as seen through the eyes of a 5 year old child. 

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