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Sail Moonraker 10 Year Anniversary, January 2019

Ten years ago today (January 9th 2009) I started Sail Moonraker a Luxury Sailing Catamaran Charter Business in Vero Beach Fl at the Vero Beach City Marina. I had just finished a 5 year sabbatical living aboard Moonraker and traveling with my son who came aboard Moonraker straight from the hospital after birth. With 5 college degrees under my belt and a 30 year career in health care I decided it was time for a change and I wanted to keep sailing and meeting new people. That is when the logical idea came to me to start a luxury charter business in Vero Beach FL, were I had previously lived and worked. I could walk my son to and from elementary school, we could continue to live aboard Moonraker at the marina and I could have my dream job as a captain aboard a luxury sailing catamaran. The rest as they say is history. That is the short story, the long story could fill a book with 100's of sailing adventures. I will save that for another day. Thank you to all my friends and guests who made this happen!

Cheers Captain Bruce....

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