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Escaping Ney York, July 2016

Tracy Kaler is a travel journalist from New York who came to Vero Beach to see what it was all about. Going on a Sunset Sail aboard Moonraker on the Indian River Lagoon was one of many things she found to do. Here are a couple of her comments:

First of all, I had no idea that Vero Beach is so accessible. Elite Airways offers nonstop service daily from New York, and the flight is quick –– only about two and a half hours, making it doable for a weekend trip. I was impressed with Elite –– in fact, the service was excellent. They even offered complimentary sparkling wine on the flight. :)

I sailed the Moonraker and watched a brilliant sunset.

I first experienced the raw natural beauty of the Indian River Lagoon after dinner on the night I arrived. I sailed on the Moonraker with my four travel buddies, and we were led by Captain Bruce Jackson. After boarding, we gently made our way on the lagoon as the sun began to pass gracefully beyond the horizon. This boat trip was incredibly relaxing too. I thought to myself, "Do I really need to get up from this hammock?"

Tracy is one of many travel journalist that have taken a sail aboard Moonraker but they all have one thing in common. They all enjoyed the relaxing serenity and peacefulness of sailing on the Indian River Lagoon and watching the wildlife that lives in, on and around the Lagoon.

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