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More Travel Journalist Sail Aboard Moonraker, June 2016

Another group of travel journalist from all over the northeast gathered aboard Moonraker to take in Vero’s natural Beauty. The Indian River Lagoon is the largest estuary in north america and has around 4000 different kinds of plants and animals (over 1000 plants & about 3000 animals) including more than 400 fishes and 300 birds. Economically, the Indian River Lagoon ranks as one of the most important navigational and recreational waterways in the US. The best part is that we get to see dolphins over 95% of the time we go out. Thousands of dolphin photos have been taken from aboard Moonraker over the last 7 plus years. So next time you are in Vero set back and relax aboard Moonraker, as a host or hostess takes care of you, and make some one of a kind memories with your family and friends.

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